Thank you for your interest in collaborate to this project 🎉

As a collaborative project, contributions are welcome and open to anyone, you just need a Github account and to accept licensing your contribution under a Creative Commons license BY-SA 4.0.

Why contribute?

There are lot of reasons to collaborate, here are some of them:

🤓 Develop your knowledge: summarizing information in a condensed and understandable way is great exercise! It requires to dig deeply in a specific topic and that will leads you to a better understanding of it.

📻 Stay informed: spending time finding, filtering, and reading information across internet keeps you up to date with all the latest news of the Reliability world.

🤗 Helping others: no less important… sharing is caring, because sharing your knowledges with others can help them to find relevant content and spark new ideas.

What kind of content can I contribute?

You can share any content with a public URL like:

related to any of the following Reliability Engineering topics:

and please don’t hesitate to open an issue or propose a pull request for any suggestion, idea or fix for this site using a regular Github issue.

How to contribute

In order to start contributing you just need a Github account to open an issue using this template.

Every new issue will automatically generate a pull request using Github Actions that will be reviewed and merged by a maintainer. A few minutes later your content will be published.